Top 5 Reasons to Become a Power-Only Carrier for J.B. Hunt

January 25, 2017 10

If you work with a power-only trucking company, keeping your fleet moving is probably the biggest concern you have for your business. One week you may be turning away loads, and watching as trucks sit idle the next.

If your goal is to develop long-term business relationships that generate revenue for your company, take a look at the benefits of being a power-only carrier for J.B. Hunt’s PCS division.

No trailer? No problem!

  1. Reliable access to “no touch” freight
    As a J.B. Hunt-approved power-only carrier, you’ll have access to consistent freight from some of the largest shippers in the U.S. Because we help find loads for your trucks, you can spend more time running your business. Also, the majority of loads are “drop and hook” or pre-loaded trailers, so time spent waiting for loading/unloading is minimized. You are operating under YOUR authority, and there is no forced dispatch.
  2. Dedicated customer service
    Beginning with your first contact with J.B. Hunt, your company will be assigned a representative to assist with all administrative needs while working with J.B. Hunt. So you build a relationship with a person – not a call center.
  3. New, problem-free equipment
    J.B. Hunt’s trailer fleet consists of  approximately 6,000, 53-foot trailers with an average age of less than three years. Our in-house maintenance team takes care of all trailer maintenance – whether regular, preventative, or an emergency repair. This frees you up to do what you do best (move freight!) with no concerns about problematic equipment.
  4. Carrier services
    Power-only carriers for J.B. Hunt’s PCS division have access to a full range of carrier services, including cash advances and Quick Pay terms. Read our blog post to learn how carrier services may help reduce expenses and create cost savings for your company.
  5. Build sound business relationships
    Let’s face it – booking loads with a company you aren’t familiar with is always risky. Reduce that risk by choosing to do business with a proven industry leader.

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