Answers to Common Questions about J.B. Hunt Load Payments

January 24, 2017 0
The ability to quickly submit load paperwork and get paid is critical to the operation of small and mid-size carriers. Managing these processes for multiple loads can get a bit overwhelming. Here are answers to common questions regarding load payments, and info on where to find help if you have additional questions. 1. What are J.B. Read More

Glaucoma: Impact on Your Health and Trucking Career

January 23, 2017 0
January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma is a serious disease which leads to irreversible vision loss. It is the world’s second leading cause of blindness. For commercial truck drivers, good vision is essential to job performance. Glaucoma can disqualify you from driving if you cannot obtain a vision exemption as part of your DOT Read More

The J.B. Hunt Load Board Map is Back – Start Searching

January 19, 2017 2
Nearly one year ago when J.B. Hunt re-designed its load board, we added new search tools and features designed to make finding a load easier. But we left off one important, and hugely popular, feature – the map. Since that time we’ve been working not just to bring back the map feature, but to make it better. Read More

Simplifying Less Than Truckload: Accessorial Charges

January 17, 2017 0
Shipping freight using less than truckload (LTL) service can be difficult to navigate, especially for shippers new to the transportation and logistics industry. Shipping LTL involves many more factors than shipping truckload (TL) . One of the most important factors of LTL shipping is the accessorial. What is an accessorial? An accessorial is any additional service provided Read More

What You Need to Know About On-The-Road Telemedicine Consultations

January 16, 2017 0
Adequate access to healthcare on the road is a big challenge for truckers trying to stay healthy. With a driving schedule that often requires being on the road several hours per day, six days a week, getting to the doctor can be a difficult task. Thanks to the expansion of high-speed internet, telemedicine is now more Read More

Ending Human Trafficking – How Can You Get Involved?

January 11, 2017 0
Since 2010, January 11 has been recognized as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Those in the transportation and logistics industry can have a huge impact on ending this abuse. Post your stories and questions with the tag #HumanTraffickingAwarnessDay. “As the eyes and ears of our nation’s highways, are in a unique position to make a difference and close Read More

5 Money-Saving Tips for Small and Mid-sized Trucking Companies

January 10, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Money-Saving Tips for Small and Mid-sized Trucking Companies
If you run a small to mid-sized  trucking company, you know tight margins and increasing expenses can put the health of your business at risk. While margins fluctuate with capacity, expenses can be controlled for the most part. Here are five ways you can save money and maximize your fleet’s earning potential. Eliminate the fax machine. Fax Read More

The Impact of Mexico’s Energy Reforms on Shipping Costs

January 9, 2017 Comments Off on The Impact of Mexico’s Energy Reforms on Shipping Costs
For those who utilize Mexico cross-border shipping, a big change is coming this year that could introduce new elements of risk in the form of cost variability. Recent energy reform in Mexico is essentially ending state oil company Pemex’s 75-year monopoly over the entire supply chain – from crude oil to retail fuel sales. This Read More

Filling the Learning Gap: Online Training for Commercial Truckers

January 5, 2017 Comments Off on Filling the Learning Gap: Online Training for Commercial Truckers
On the surface, commercial trucking doesn’t seem like an academically rigorous industry. But consider the wide range of skills needed to plan and deliver a single load: pricing, scheduling, fuel management, route planning, safety inspection, compliance, equipment maintenance, document management, expense reporting, financial management…you get the idea. Furthermore, owner-operators or owners of small trucking companies may be doing all these things Read More

Impacts of the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Rule

January 3, 2017 2
On December 2, 2016, the FMCSA released its final rule on the creation of a Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will become operational on January 6, 2020. Drivers, carriers, medical review officers, substance abuse professionals, and state licensing agencies must comply with new reporting requirements by this date. Below is a summary of the rule Read More