Differences in Federal and State Driving Records

October 3, 2016 Comments Off on Differences in Federal and State Driving Records

As a driver, you know the importance of operating your truck safely. Understanding the data and reports that impact your safety records can be the biggest challenge to improving your driving.

Use the table below to learn about the basics of each safety report and what each measures:


*Traffic citations and convictions are public records in most states and can be requested by anyone, usually for free or for a small fee. Procedures for requesting driver data vary by state.

The FMCSA released a mobile app for the Pre-Employment Screening Program in 2015. Drivers can access their safety records by downloading the app and creating an account. Click here to download the app for iPhone or iPad.

For more information on how your personal driving habits impact the CSA safety record of your employer, check out our post 6 Important CSA Facts for Carriers.


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